Apprenticeship Studies Degree

Earn your apprenticeship studies degree. Consider earning in your Associate of Applied Science (AA-S) degree in Apprenticeship Studies at the same time you complete your apprenticeship. This is a great option for people interested in moving into supervisory, inspector, instructor, or other positions.

You must complete at least 6,000 clock hours on the job and at least 432 clock hours of apprenticeship‐related instruction. Additionally, you will take a total of 20 credits in 100-level general education courses including communications/English, human relations and social sciences, mathematics and an elective course. If you have completed courses at another institution, these may be transferable by approval of the college registrar.

This program is designed to serve individuals completing approved apprenticeship programs at Bates Technical College.  The degree option includes both general education requirements and the technical requirements of an apprenticeship program.  Content includes state-approved joint apprenticeship programs plus four general education courses (20 credits) in human relations/social sciences, communications, and mathematics.  Successful completion of this degree may provide students/apprentices with skills necessary to advanced into supervisory, inspector, instructor, or other advanced positions.

Associate in Applied Science: 90 Credits

100+ Level Human Relations 5
100+ Level Communications 5
100+ Level Mathematics 5
100+ Level Humanities/Social Sciences 5
Related supplemental instruction
Affiliated apprenticeship program OJT
* Requires completion of an apprenticeship program at least 6,000 clock hours long plus a  minimum of 432 hours of RSI, plus 200 hours of general education requirements.