Change is part of today’s work environment. At Bates, we offer courses that are relevant to you and your career to help you keep up with the pace. Nearly 500 business and industry experts advise our faculty and administration to make sure our programs offer what you need on the job today.

The Course Catalog contains official information, policies and procedures of the college, and descriptions of programs, courses, and more.

Use the links below to look through the sections and get the latest information on education in your field. You can also find content from the Course Catalog throughout this website.


Section One  (pdf)

  • Chapter One – About our college
  • Chapter Two – Extended Learning and other programs
  • Chapter Three – Student Services

Sections Two and Three are online:

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Section Four (pdf)

  • Chapter Six – Credential Reference Guide
    • Board of Trustees
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Executive Deans
    • Full-time Faculty
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Past Editions of the Catalog

Note: Information contained within these PDFs is accurate as of its original posting date. The college reserves the right to edit, change, or update information as needed throughout the year. Up-to-date information is available in Student Services.