Child Care Advisory Program

Training opportunities, career pathways

Want to improve the quality of care and level of professionalism at your child care center? Bates Technical College’s Child Studies department can serve as your partner.

Through the Child Care Advisory Program (CCAP), our highly skilled and trained faculty members offer technical training and resources to early childhood education professionals.

In addition to valuable consultation and continuing education support, the CCAP offers the Intro to ECE class, which is one of the  classes necessary for the State Initial ECE Certificate of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) degree.

For the  first and second year of the ECE degree program, students pay tuition and fees according to the number of credits taken. First and second-year students take day, evening or online classes to prepare for roles as lead teachers, program supervisors and directors.

Bates can help child care centers with a staff team of 10 or more earn college credit while they improve their professional skills.

Affiliate with Bates

The CCAP is available to your center for $350 quarterly ($1,400 annual contract required). Through CCAP, our highly-trained faculty will provide:

  • Early Childhood Education – ECED& 105
  • Five on-site per quarter training/consultations/observation
  • 30-hour STARS class
  • 20 early childhood education offerings
  • Administrative consultation
  • Bloodborne pathogens training
  • Resource Center membership with laminating

The above classes meet the Department of Early Learning’s 10-hour continuing education requirement for child care professionals.

Courses offered to affiliates

The following Early Childhood Education classes are offered during the school year. Be sure to check the current class schedule to see which courses are currently being offered for the quarter.

  • ECED& 105 Introduction to Early Childhood Education, 5 cr.
  • ECED& 107 Health, Safety, Nutrition, 5 cr.
  • ECED& 100 STARS, 3 cr.
  • EDUC& 115 Child Development, 5 cr.
  • EDUC& 130 Guiding Behavior, 3 cr.
  • ECED& 120 Practicum: Nurturing Relationships, 2 cr.
  • ECED& 190 Observation & Assessment, 3 cr.
  • ECED& 170 Environment – Young Children, 3 cr.
  • ECED& 160 Curriculum Development, 5 cr.
  • ECED& 180 Language & Literacy, 3 cr.
  • EDUC& 150 Child, Family, Community, 3 cr.

For additional information on the Child Care Advisory Program and the first-and second-year ECE training opportunities, please call 253.680.7500.