Student Clubs

What is a club?
A club is a group or organization open to any and all currently-enrolled Bates students who share similar interests or purposes. These interests may include culture, hobbies, sports, leisure activities or even activities related to current or future professional goals.

Purpose and benefits of student clubs
Clubs are coordinated through the Associated Student Government, and provide students with the opportunity to learn leadership skills, work in diverse groups, and form communities around similar interests or goals.

Clubs assist in enhancing social and professional skills by encouraging students to:

o   Develop leadership qualities and skills
o   Network at a college and community level
o   Feel connected to the campus community
o   Work in diverse groups
o   Establish and refine teamwork related skills
o   Form lasting relationships

How to start an athletic club
If you are interested in starting a team, or have an idea for a team, see LeMont Lucas (Room E301 of the Downtown Campus) or go to Comeback Sports for the types of team activities already in existence.

Administrative Office Assistant Club

Purpose: Members will learn how to run meetings. Some students will hold office and all students will learn how to facilitate large events like Administrative Assistant’s Day in April. Members will also learn team building, leadership and multi-tasking skills.

Advisor: Sharon Netter;  or 253.680.7370

Game Club

Purpose: Members will explore the challenges of gaming.


Bates Bots

Purpose: To build an autonomous robot; Use projects as tools for recruiting new students interested in Robotics AND to leave a lasting and successful club for the college and Bates students.

Advisor: Landon Johnson; or 253.680.7340

Sustainability Club

Purpose: To educate ourselves and other interested persons on how “active” participation can improve our understanding of “Sustainable Agriculture” and have fun in the process.

Advisor: JJ Meland; or 253.980.7247

Intersectionality Club

Purpose: To discuss issues that  affect marginalized people, which include but are not limited to: Women, people of color and the LGBTQ communtiy. Some topics we aim to discuss are, the intersections of our identities, solidarity, story telling and how to be an ally.

Advisor: Sheila Lee; or 253.680.7267

The Removables Club

Purpose: To advance the Dental Lab program in directions that are in the forefront of the industry. Additionally, to create a better understanding of Digital Restorative Dentistry and to gain traction in the industry through networking, education and hands-on lab time.

Advisor: Robert Criss; or 253.680.7313

Recovery Club

Purpose: A club for those wanting to support and encourage those with addictions.This club meets Fridays at 3:00 PM on Central Canpus.

Advisor: Erin Hayden; or253.680.7006