am-teaching approach to combine college-readiness classes with our hands-on competency based classes. I-BEST  has two instructors in the same classroom to teach technical and related academic skills.  

What I-BEST programs are available?

Bates currently offers I-BEST in the following programs:

  1. Administrative Medical Assistant
  2. Biomedical Service Technician: Clinical Engineering
  3. CNC Machinist
  4. Diesel & Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  5. Electrical Construction
  6. Electronic Equipment Service Technician
  7. Facilities Maintenance Engineer
  8. Machinist
  9. Practical Nurse
  10. Welding

How to get started

To enroll at Bates Technical College in one of our I-BEST or other program, contact us at 253.680.7002.

I-BEST Faculty

Administrative Medical Assistant 

Angela Driver | I-BEST Instructor | adriver@batestech.edu | 253.680.7169
Technical Instructor:  Mary Ann Keith 

Biomedical Service Technician/Electronic Equipment Service Technician 

Paula Grow | I-BEST Instructor | pgrow@batestech.edu | 253.680.7265
Technical Instructors: Art Cutting, Franklin Hsu, Landon Johnson 


Paula Emerson-Glade | I-BEST Instructor | pemersonglade@batestech.edu | 253.680.7273
Technical Instructors:  Barry Young, Denell Zander, Dan Sanford, Steve Rose  

Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology 

STAFF | I-BEST Instructor | 253.680.7291 
Technical Instructors:  Lee Jefferson, Mick McGuire, Mike Sartore 

Electrical Construction 

Dr. Peter Speelmon | I-BEST Instructor | pspeelmon@batestech.edu | 253.680.7433
Technical Instructors:  Dave Leenhouts, Jeff Llapitan, Jim Androy 

Facilities Maintenance Engineer 

Karrie Zylstra | I-BEST Instructor | kzylstra@batestech.edu | 253.680.7540
Technical Instructor:  Dale Trombley 

Practical Nurse 

Amanda Quintana | I-BEST Instructor | aquintana@batestech.edu | 253.680.7395
Technical Instructors:  Bill Swarens, Becky Piper, Karen Albright, Lucia Bell, Eileen Beck 


Nicole Scoggins | I-BEST Instructor | nscoggins@batestech.edu | 253.680.7456
Technical Instructors: Brian Knox, Tyler Renner