How we align our SLOs

Bates students are expected to meet course, program and institution-level learning outcomes. Course-level Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs) serve as the basis for all learning assessment at Bates. Each CLSO contributes to a Program Student Leaning Outcome (PSLO) and an Institution Student Learning Outcome (ISLO).

Friendly ORCs

All learning outcomes are documented for each program at the college in our user friendly Online Repository of Curriculum (ORC). For more information about the ORC process please consult the Curriculum Committee’s web pages.


These Institution Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) were originally called College-wide Learning Outcomes when the Curriculum Committee wrote and ratified them in 2013. In 2016 the Assessment Committee operationalized the Measurable Indicators College-wide Learning Outcomes document into the following rubrics. Faculty reference these rubrics when assessing student progress on ISLOs.