Bates Outcome Builder

Writing Clear, Measurable SLOs? – Just ask B.O.B.

Bates Outcomes Builder (B.O.B)

Bates Outcomes Builder is an online interactive tool for writing clear and measurable Course-level Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs) in the ABCD format. Features include:
– A step-by-step process
– Built-in explanations of educational terminology
– An example outcome
– Easy to create multiple outcomes in one sitting
– Links to theoretical learning domain research

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Assessment Committee SLO Rating Scale
The Assessment Committee meets monthly to review changes made to Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Courses or programs with new or revised SLOs must get them approved by the Assessment Committee before seeking approval for changes from the Curriculum Committee. We use a simple scale to evaluate SLOs on ABCD criteria.

SLO Review scale