Student Performance on SLOs

Annual Surveys of Student Learning Outcomes

Each year we survey faculty to ask how their students are doing on student learning outcomes related to the year’s theme: Critical Thinking, Effective Communication or Human Diversity. The Survey itself is sent directly to faculty via campus email.

SLO Plan Critical Thinking: Fall 2016

SLO Plan Effective Communication: Fall 2107

SLO Plan Human Diversity: Fall 2018

One of the ways we advertise the survey and remind faculty to complete it is with electronic and print copies of this map to the student learning outcomes assessment process:



Survey Results

Each summer the Assessment Committee analyzes and summarizes the year’s SLO Survey results and posts the results here. Instructors are encouraged to carefully study these results for insights from their colleagues on how to improve student learning in the classroom and through the planning and budgeting process.

SLO Critical Thinking results 2016-2017

SLO Effective Communication results 2017-2018

SLO Critical Thinking results 2018-2019 (coming soon)