Curriculum Committee

Charter and Bylaws

Curriculum ChangesĀ 

All curriculum changes should be submitted through Bates Course Planner app. Depending on the nature of the change, some of the files below will also need to be completed and uploaded as supporting documentation in the Course Planner app.

Committee Members

Voting Committee Members 2018-19

Amanda Quintana
Practical Nursing IBEST Faculty DT

Art Cutting
BMST Faculty DT

Bryce Battisti
Instructional Designer/ NS Gen Ed Faculty DT
College Assessment Designee

David Paynter
NS Gen Ed Faculty

Jose Suchite
Electrical Engineering Faculty CC

Lisa Webb
ECE Faculty SC

Mike Sartore
Diesel/Heavy Equip Faculty SC

Mike Wood
Librarian Faculty DT

Sharon Netter
Admin Assist Faculty SC

Teresa Borchardt
Tech High Faculty DT
College Curriculum Designee

Teri Amundsen
Dental Assist Faculty DT

Non-Voting Committee Members 2018-2019

Al Griswold
Vice President of Instruction

Dianne Nauer
Allied Health Dean DT

Dan Eberle
Career Advisor/ DSSC DT

Jannica Scott
Education System Specialist DT

Josh Clearman
Central Campus Dean CC

Pavel Samoylenko
Associate Financial Aid Officer DT

Pete Hauschka
Transition Instruction Dean/Tech High Principal

Tim Trussler
eLearning and Library Manager DT