eLearning Committee

Welcome to the eLearning Committee
The e-Learning committee oversees the process of providing engaging, rigorous, and flexible online course offerings at Bates.   

eLearning Committee Mission Statement
The eLearning Committee provides assistance, leadership, and guidance for faculty and the college as a whole as they develop, offer, and improve online academic offerings. Tasks of the eLearning committee include developing standards for Bates online classes, providing technical and pedagogical training for faculty, and facilitating input from the faculty to the eLearning department.  

Committee Members

Online Learning Definitions

Online courses are conducted completely on the web.

Hybrid courses replace some – but not all – classroom time with online learning. For instance, a class that would ordinarily meet five days a week might meet three days a week, and substitute online activities to replace the other two class sessions.

Web-Enhanced courses meet in regular class sessions, but use online resources for additional student-teacher and student-to-student interaction, posting of assignments, course materials, and student research.