Fall Harvest Student Pantry

What: Fall Harvest Student Pantry Food Drive Scavenger Hunt
Who: ASG – Katelyn Huynh
Where: Downtown Campus, South Campus and Central Campus
When: November 1 –November 23, 2018
Why: Help a hungry student succeed


  • Student involvement and student sustainability
  • Reduce hunger on campus
  • To help stock the daily student free lunch pantry
  • What to look for in donations: reference scavenger hunt form

1st place: 2 Costco pizzas and a liter of soda
2nd place: 1 Costco pizza
3rd place: 1 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts

 Where to drop off donations:

  1. Turn in completed form and food to any ASG Office by November 23, 2018.


  1. Keep it at classroom or program and contact Katelyn Huynh at asgec@batestech.edu or 253-592-1627 for pick up.
  2. Winner will be determined by teams that are closest to completing the scavenger hunt list.
Scavenger Hunt List