Financial Aid Student Portal

Check the status of your application.

Within the Financial Aid Student Portal, you can:

  • Check for missing forms and documents that are still needed to complete your financial aid file.
  • View your estimated cost of attendance and financial aid awards.
  • View your loan history.

Important Notes:

  1. Your username for the Financial Aid Portal is your 9 digit SSN (NOT YOUR  Student ID Number (SID)).
  2. Your password is your 6-digit birthday. If that does not work and your birthday falls between January and September,  omit the leading zero.  Example: If your birthday is January 23, 1977, your password would be 012377 or 12377 if you omit the leading zero. .
  3. If you changed your PIN from your birth date to a four-digit number, you will have to add a 0 to the beginning of the four-digit pin to access the Financial Aid Student Portal.  Example: If your current PIN is 6732, it will become 06732.

Sign into the Financial Aid Student Portal.