International Partners

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Bates Technical College’s International Student Services. We appreciate your help in making it possible for people from around the world to study in Tacoma, Washington, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA.

Our programs are an opportunity for different cultures to meet, exchange ideas, and form new friendships.

Students have the opportunity to choose from 49 two-year associate degrees, 65 professional certificates, 11 associate of applied science-transferable degrees, in 49 programs of study. Bates offers international students superior academic opportunities, unique cultural experiences, and a friendly, urban campus environment.

Students are able to complete two years of a technical degree program in a setting dedicated to quality teaching. They receive individual attention from instructors while using advanced technology.

Moreover, Bates is accredited and maintains a close partnership with many four-year universities and colleges in Washington, making it easy and convenient to transfer to those larger institutions.

Whether students want to, earn a degree or certificate and start their careers after just 2 years, or continue their education at a four-year college or university after attending Bates, we can help you attain your educational goals.

To learn more about becoming an agent for Bates, contact us or submit an Agent Application(pdf).