International Student Admissions

Bates Technical College has a separate admission process for international students. An international student is someone who will be attending under a non-immigrant visa status such as F-1 or M-1.

Requirements for Admission
All students must submit an International Student Application with a non-refundable $50 USD application fee ($100 if applying to the Practical Nurse program). Acceptance materials (including an I-20 form) will not be issued until the application fee is received. If a student who has paid the application fee is unable to obtain an F-1 student visa, s/he will be eligible to defer to a later quarter. Deferment can only occur once. If a student must defer more than once, whether for reasons of visa denial or other reason, a new application fee and updated financial information must be submitted.

Note: We are an approved college for Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission scholarship recipients.

Proof of English Proficiency
International students are also required to have a command of English in order to be admitted directly into career training programs at Bates. Please send English proficiency scores as part of your application. We accept the following tests:

Once a student is admitted and arrives at Bates, they are given a Accuplacer test. This test determines reading, listening, writing and mathematics levels so that we can place them in the appropriate level of English and mathematics classes.

Students who do not have a basic command of English or who do not wish to take the TOEFL or IELTS test must apply to ELS Language Centers. Upon completing ELS Level 109, students then transfer to Bates to continue in their career training program of choice.

Students from English speaking countries who attended secondary school or college/university in which English was the language of instruction may demonstrate proficiency through official transcripts. In order to be official, a transcript must either be sent to Bates directly from the secondary school or college/university or, if the student sends the transcript, it must be in the original, sealed envelope from the school or college/university. If the envelope has been opened, it is no longer official and will not be accepted.

Students with official transcripts from English speaking countries will still be required to take the COMPASS test in order to determine English and math placement levels. Students who do not meet the minimum English proficiency for their chosen career training program will be referred to ELS Language Centers to bring their English level up to the minimum required by their program.

Application Checklist

  1. Submit an International Student Application with the non-refundable $50 USD application fee
  2. Submit a passport-size color photo identification with the application
  3. Show proof of English proficiency (Official TOEFL or IELTS score report or ELS Certificate)
  4. Send official transcripts, in their original, sealed envelope from any colleges that you have attended
  5. Submit a bank statement and the Financial Resources Information form, verifying funds stated in US dollars to cover educational and living expenses
  6. Complete and sign the International Student Health Insurance Form
  7. If you are currently in active status at another U.S. school, submit the Transfer Release Form
  8. If you will be bringing a spouse or chldren with you, submit the Dependent Information Form
  9. Submit a work resume (CV) or statement regarding work history and a letter explaining why you want to study at Bates

Where to Submit Your Application

  • Apply by email. Please send the completed documents by email at
  • Apply by Fax. Fax your complete application to 253.680.7191 (US country code is 011)
  • Apply By Mail. Mail application materials to

Bates Technical College International Programs
1101 S. Yakima Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98405  USA

Application Review
After Bates has reviewed your completed application, we will send you an I-20 form. Your next step will be to apply for your U.S. Visa. We have prepared an application and preparation guide, which you can download (pdf) and review.

Choosing a college when you’re overseas can be overwhelming. If you need any assistance with the admission process, please contact our International Student Advisor.

Tuition Deposit – Applicants from Gambia
Bates Technical College has experienced difficulties with applicants from Gambia who have either not had adequate finances to cover their expenses in the United States, or have failed to report to the college after entering the United States as an F-1 student. In an effort to prevent similar problems from occurring, Bates will require an advance deposit of US $4,500 to ensure that applicants from Gambia are financially prepared to study in the United States, and that applicants intend to enroll as international students. Applicants will not be issued an I-20 form until the tuition deposit is received in full.

If a student who has paid the deposit is unable to obtain the F-1 student visa, s/he will be eligible to defer to a later quarter. Deferment can only occur twice. If the student is still unable to obtain the F-1 visa, the original I-20 form, as well as the original consulate letter showing proof of visa denial must be mailed directly to Bates in order to get a refund of the tuition deposit. The student will then be refunded the tuition deposit, minus any applicable bank charges. The application fee ($50) is not refundable.

Programs that require ELS 112:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Denturist
  • Hearing Instrument Technology
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Practical Nurse