Occupational Therapy Assistant

Gain the skills of an Occupational Therapy Assistant through a nationally accredited program.

Our nationally accredited Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program provides a comprehensive education for students who want to help people with disabilities remain engaged in occupations that are meaningful to them. A person who experiences a sudden injury causing a short or long-term disability needs an OTA to help him/her maintain independence in daily activities such as dressing, cooking, driving, riding a bus, handwriting and participating in leisure and play activities. OTA’s work with patients in a multitude of settings, ages and a variety of diagnoses, both physical and mental. The program offers unique learning opportunities with community agencies, the city of Tacoma, and the University of Puget Sound for Carfit. Students can earn their associate of applied science in 16 months and are well prepared to provide client-centered, occupation-based best practices in their careers.

General Information

Career Advisor: Jason Carroll
253.680.7002 | jcarroll@batestech.edu

Location: South Campus
Hours: N/A