School Age Certificate

Work with kids and youth. Get your school-age specialization certificate.

If you want a career working with children and youth ages five through 12, we can get you started. School-age care professionals play a vital role in the care and development of kids and adolescents, and can work in a variety of settings. From before and after school care and in-home child care to community organizations, public schools and faith-based programs, school-age care professionals provide developmentally-appropriate and culturally relevant activities and care. 

How do I get my certificate? To become certified, you’ll need to complete a series of courses, which includes earning your initial certificate. Your final course, School-age Care Management, EDUC& 136, will teach you how to prepare the environment; implement curriculum; build relationships; guide academic/social skill development, and community outreach. To register for these courses, contact our Child Studies department at 253.680.7500. So, what are you waiting for? Do what you love. Start now. 

Step One: Take your initial certificate courses 

For teachers or aides in a preschool/childcare or home setting. These courses meet the Washington state Department of Early Learning requirements, and may be applied towards an associate degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Care.

  • Introduction to Early Childhood Education (ECED& 105), 5 credits, all qtrs., online
  • Health, Safety, Nutrition  (ECED& 107), 5 credits, fall/spring qtr, online
  • Practicum: Focus on Relationships & Communication (ECED& 120), 2 credits, all qtrs.. online

Step Two: Take the school-age specialization certificate courses

The Early Childhood Education Short Certificate is designed for those who wish to be employed as a school-age or after school teacher.

  • Child Development (EDUC& 115), 5 credits, winter quarter, online
  • School-age Care Management (EDUC& 136), 30 hours, 3 credits, spring quarter, online
  • Develop skills to provide developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant activities and care, specifically: preparing the environment, implementing curriculum, building relationships, guiding academic /social skill development, and community outreach. Call 253.680.7500 to register, or for more information.