Transferring to Bates

Bates awards credit for prior learning and will evaluate each student’s record to determine transferability. 

Advanced Placement (AP Exams)
Bates Technical College grants credits to entering first-year students who have earned scores
of three (3) or higher on the Educational Testing Service’s (ETS) Advanced Placement Tests.
Students who wish to receive advanced placement credits must provide the Bates credential evaluator
with a copy of their ETS test score report for evaluation. The number of credits awarded will be noted
on the student’s transcript, and a grade of ‘S’ recorded for all courses where credit is granted.
Advanced placement credits will fulfill either distributive or elective requirements for an AT degree.
The following departments of the college currently grant advanced placement credits:

Biology:  A student scoring 3 or greater on the Biology AP examination will receive 5 credits for BIOL&
160 or BIOL &175.

Chemistry:  A student scoring 3 or greater on the Chemistry AP examination will receive credit for CHEM &121.

English:  A student scoring a 3 or greater on the composition and literature examination will receive credit for ENGL& 101.

Mathematics:  A score of 3 or greater on the AP Statistics Exam will receive five credits for MATH& 146. A student scoring 3 on the calculus AB or BC examination will receive five credits for MATH& 151. A student scoring 4 or 5 may receive additional credit upon consultation with the mathematics department.

History:  A student scoring 3 or higher on either the American or European History examination will receive five credits for HIST 101.

Advanced placement credits may be granted in other subjects upon consultation with appropriate department heads and credential evaluator.

Note: Transfer schools are not required to accept courses transferred in by AP exam. Students should
check with their intended transfer school as to its AP exam policy.

International Baccalaureate (IB Program)

International Baccalaureate (IB) – A student who has tested in IB may request college credit for IB higher-level work. Bates will evaluate each student’s record individually for credit and advanced placement. Please contact the Bates Registrar for further information.

Washington 45 Transfer Courses

Veterans Attending Bates

As required by RCW 28B.10.057, Bates Technical College will award academic credit for military training.The academic credit awarded for prior military training must be granted only for training that is applicable to the student’s certificate or degree requirements. Read the policy here. To see what military training transfers to college credit, please read the document.